performance marketing

You’ve got an online store. Now what?

Usual case

Initially, the client usually does not have the data to take the next step in performance marketing.

Every single visit to your website can either be general, organic visits or paid traffic that you invested in, the goal being their visit and purchase. However, you do not have the right amount of insight to identify this audience and tailor your data accordingly.

General traffic
Paid trafic

Tracking setup

  • Enhanced E-commerce setup


  • Custom event tracking setup


  • Mobile app usage tracking
  • Custom sign up tracking
  • Conversion tracking


  • ROAS setup


  • Performance campaigns


  • Custom e-comm campaigns
  • Live data reports 


  • Custom KPI report setup


  • Action drieven SEO report


  • Social media live dashboards


There’s no magic about it. To achieve tangible results, you need to dedicate your time to fully understand user behavior and make corrections continually.
Our main rule:
every case/client is different – so is our approach.
Owing to our multidisciplinary approach we get real results. In our performance marketing team we have designers, developers, copywriters and PPC experts – all creative thinkers that work on your case.

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