The Right Way to Prepare for a Meeting with a Client Abroad

Even though you may be long done with school, when meeting with a client, you want to show you’ve done your homework. Naturally, not every meeting is the same nor does it always require heavy research, but you can certainly follow our quick check-list for some the most basic points:

Send an agenda

And do it at least 2 days prior to the meeting! You want to show your client that you’re thinking ahead and that you’re able to summarise your points clearly. Don’t forget to ask the client to add their points as well so you can work out the optimal agenda together!

Power through with Power Point

Once the agenda is set, you can start working on presenting your points clearly. You must’ve heard this one already – don’t go overboard with the text. Concise bullet points combined with interesting and thought-through details go a long way. Several cool details can be to add your client’s and your own logos as footers in the slides, to use the client’s colours in the presentation etc.

Rehearsal makes perfect

Set out some time at least one day before the meeting to go through all the points with your team, i.e. anyone else who is participating. Once the time to present comes, you need to show that everyone is familiar and comfortable with their material – this way, you will greatly emphasise your professional side.

Don’t be right on time

Be there early! Another small detail that can prove to be a big factor. This especially applies to online meetings where you ought to be as early as possible, just in case. If any technical difficulties or unforeseen situations occur, you can still have enough time to get everything back on track before the meeting is due to start!