Tera Beauty II (How to easily implement e-commerce on your website)

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As we mentioned in our previous post (LINK), we had the chance to collaborate with a growing startup from Switzerland – Tera Beauty – which specialises in effective massage treatments. Tera Beauty also developed a line of products with natural ingredients that are used during their treatments and that needed to be sold via Tera Beauty’s website.

This is where we came to save the day! After designing an intuitive, user-friendly website, we needed to add an online store too. E-commerce being an important component of the website, we decided to use an accessible plugin that could work with WordPress. Eventually we opted for WooCommerce.

If you have used WooCommerce, you probably had issues finding a great booking plugin that would seamlessly integrate with different payment systems. In our case, we opted for Amelia booking tool which gave us an option to integrate everything with Stripe. Since every client has their specific needs, it’s challenging to adapt everything to their requests – Amelia worked great for us since we managed to create everything that our client asked for. 

Most people who are starting their business don’t have a clear image of what they want. This is why we always try to help our clients to refine that image by suggesting creative ideas as well as complete their requests!

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