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You can see clearly now

Our well-known local client is one of the most prestigious private eye clinics in Belgrade, Serbia since 1998. We are honored to have been chosen to perform a total digital transformation for their established business of over a quarter of a century. We are proud to have them take their first digital baby steps with us and take their marketing into the 21st century!

The Challenge

Word-of-mouth and an impeccable reputation made this client a treasure chest to be explored and digitized. The doctors themselves were invaluable sources of knowledge but it was up to us to take their know-how and beam it up into the digisphere, while keeping the sense of elite tradition their experience entailed. This family business cherishes tradition in the most wonderful way possible, with both father, mother and son committing their lives and professional careers in this clinic and we knew we had to honor it the best way possible.

The Process

We took the complex medical world of eye treatments and surgery and decided to make it more palatable to the average patient. So, one of the first solutions was to animate images of the eye and not use raw photos. Next, we decided to give this serious medical business a human touch by introducing the amazing Sjaj team in a series of posts, to show the people behind the lab coats. We continue to make creative and fun campaigns, such as famous visual illusions and using this to bring knowledge to the content consumer.

The Solution

-A total brand identity and brand book.
-A completely new website was specifically made with mobile users in mind because our analysis found that over 70% of the searches for eye ailments were conducted on mobile devices.
-Social media campaigns and content are kept modern, fresh and easily understandable and that automatically manages to communicate the unique clinic in question; it is this that makes them immediately stand out from the competition.
-Google Smart Search Campaigns are used to make every search relevant and connect the patient with their chosen doctor, as research finds that people form an attachment to their chosen medical professional.
-Blog posts with relevant content are a relatable educational tool that covers different topics and stages of life where eye-related diseases might arise – from pregnancy, to childhood, to adult diabetes and degenerative diseases. We also make sure to promote the best medical and surgical treatments available anywhere in the world as our client boasts world-class surgical and treatment tools.

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