Master in Computational Finance (MCF)

Constant growth is key.

We teamed up with the Faculty of Computer Sciences in Belgrade to promote their new Master’s program in Computational Finance using flawless web design and fully optimized ad campaigns.

The Challenge

Our client had it all: the idea, the experts, the right setting and atmosphere. The only step left was to find the optimal way to present this to the world. There are many Master’s programs out there, how will this one stand out?
This is were NUL Apps came to the rescue.

The Solution

The first step was us coming together in front of the drawing board – defining the right direction for our client’s brand is crucial for developing our idea further. MCF positioned itself as a world-class program for young professionals aiming to improve further and develop fully applicable skills that combine finance, IT and data science. This is why we opted for a more clean-cut design, with wide sections that combine large visuals with relatively short, to-the-point copy.
Our next task was designing a brochure that would be a mini-version of MCF’s now upgraded website. Needless to say, we needed to match the style and keep only the most essential copy that would draw the attention of potential Master students.
Finally, we made sure that the right people got informed about this prestigious program by using Google Ads and creating their Social Media profiles that require additional brand planning on their own.
Our ultimate goal was what our client strives towards themselves: excellence.
We are excited for the program to start in October. In the meantime, we are working hard on spreading the word about this state-of-the-art program.

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