Gurr Johns Capital

Unlock the Value of your Collection

This esteemed client has exacted demanding visuals to complement their business, founded in 1914, that only operates with art fit for museums. Their services range from art advisory to art finance, from appraisals to evaluations, as Gurr Johns serves private clients, museums, professional advisors and provides art insurance.

The Challenge

Our distinguished client sought out a brand new website for their newly established business. While having high aestetic visual standards website has to reflect minimalism approach in order for art to stand out.
Our design team did exactly that as they had imagined it. The challenge for us was to make their website palatable and attractive to eyes that are accustomed to looking at the finest works of art the world has to offer.

The Solution

We have designed and developet a unique minimalistic website that received full PR coverage in Financial Times the moment we pressed Publish.

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