Gurana Joker

Dunk on energy!

We love to get a hold of our clients from the beginning and build up their brand from “null to full”. This one of a kind listing platform founded in 2022 offers five categories of service (jobs, partners, tools, events and real estate) to its clients, uniting medical professionals in a unique way. From user acquisition to a cohesive digital identity, we love a good startup, especially ones with such a great cause!

The Challenge

They came to us with the simple demand of a new, funky looking, modern website for their existing business. They wanted to stand out in the sea of similar companies because they knew their squad had the swagger, expertise and chill that deserved to be showcased out of the box.
While they just wanted a snatched site but we made sure to give them the full service. We make it a point to take your basic demand, analyze your true need and give you the result you’re after and then some!

The Process

We identified their true need; they didn’t require just a visual revamp, they needed a brand new concept to carry them forward!

The Challenge

We are not robots, we write the code! We kept the logo light and clear, with the letter representing the tech side and the green underline representing the human touch.

The Process

This unique startup needed everything! They knew what goals they wanted to achieve and trusted us to get them there. The moment we met Tanja, the owner, we saw her honest dedication to create a digital platform with a human touch for the most humane profession.

The Solution

-The stunning packaging design of their can for two distinct sizes, 0.33l and 0.5l. We adjusted the visuals to match the size and made sure not to overload the smaller can with too many details.
-The transport packaging was created to match the vibe of the cans it carries!

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