DIB Travel

Do It Better

This amazing Swedish business travel organizing company was founded in 2015 and they have sorted out all the demands and needs of their many clients ever since. We are privileged to have worked with them for over 4 years now and are delighted to have optimized their digital reach together!

The Challenge

DIB Travel needed a real “digital facelift” to reflect the fresh and modern way they do business! The ultimate team players, co-owners Tim and Daniel and the whole DIB Team knew the work that needed to be done and they entrusted our team to do it!

The Process

After discussing things with our Swedish client, we understood their need to Do It Better, and it inspired us to do our very best for them! They are all about creating a bespoke experience for the business professional that travels often, and they really do it better than anyone else. We redesigned their platform and upgraded their campaign to communicate this fact for the world to see. With over 4 years of successful collaborations, epic team building sessions and exceptional campaigns, we are proud to call DIB Travel our dearest long term clients and good friends. Together, we all became better!
In fact, with the unique and powerful Do It Better brand campaign, we performed an unexpected turnaround in the meaning of their brand name. What’s in a name, you ask?
Well, the DIB crew used to operate as a hotel bidding system, and the word play their original business design employed was flipping ‘bid’ into ‘DIB’. What their platform used to do was have customers bid on the price of a hotel room they couldn’t see! While this was all well and good, and quite fun, the DIB Team decided to venture into business travel organizing and they were open to new wordplay which had to continue with the same acceleration!
We wrecked our collective brainpower and realized that, after changing the whole concept and the name to reflect it, the original DIB (as a play on bidding) had not only lost its meaning but – it gained a new one! The acronym got its new incarnation as Do It Better. It perfectly matched with the company mission to give their users the best business travel experience ever – because lord knows it needed an improvement!
Our Google campaigns really took off, launching DIB Travel into the stratosphere of business travel organisation!

The Solution

We can’t even remember every single thing we did together in all these years, but we do want to highlight the following:
-Design excellence from internal communications, sale materials, brilliant content, social media, and internal brochures
-Generating leads within the B2B segment, helping them to onboard new clients in Sweden, Denmark, Serbia and Croatia
-Digital marketing campaigns with ongoing adaptations
-Performance advertising focused on increased conversion rates and CTR, while making sure to take them to the highest level
-We do team building better every time we see them!

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