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About the client

As a couple, visionary pharmacists Simone and Robert Véret created SVR in 1962: a dermatological laboratory whose key aim was to create “BEAUTIFUL SKIN”. Thanks to their exceptional knowledge, the SVR laboratories develop formulas with important active ingredients at very high concentrations.

Over the years, their son and later their grandson transformed this small French family brand into a true star in the field of derma – cosmetics.

An authentic, ethical and sincere approach combined with reliability and outstanding quality was enabled the brand to bring leading skincare products to the market, for all skin types including the most sensitive.

Prescribed by dermatologists in some 45 countries and present at all major conferences, SVR has grown in size whilst remaining true to its values.



We were responsible for online positioning of the SVR brand at our official Facebook and Instagram page. SVR doesn’t have local web site so it was a little harder to communicate brand message with our consumers, so our strategy was based on promoting core brand values in more interactive and accessible way across social media.

We were also responsible for creative solutions for online media.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]