Branding, Development, Digital Marketing, Google Analytics, Social media and content

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About the client


Feedback – Serbian fashion brand was founded in 1997 as small family trademark. During the 20 years of developments it has grown into recognisable fashion label popular among youngsters and business people. Today Feedback has grown into successful company with more then 20 retail stores across the country.


What we did


We have created completely new brand image with new logo and new in-store concept. To position Feedback as fresh and affordable brand that uses completely new channels to communicate with existing and new customers we have developed initial web presentation which served as central hub for new content and information.

  • Webshop
  • Social media content and ads
  • Traffic growth
  • Instagram content
  • Email marketing
  • In-store promotion
  • Branding

This is ongoing project with more exciting days to come!