Pitching the perfect B2B digital marketing campaign to your client

A unique, creative idea is the single greatest asset you can have. However, designing it in a way that suits a particular client can often be challenging. Picture it as thinking outside the box and then packing that idea into a differently shaped box that you need to present to your client.

To better illustrate the process, we’ll tell you how we approached our marketing strategy for our beloved Swedish client – DIB travel. We’ve worked for them for a while and established clear and friendly communication. For their new campaign, they had a challenging request – create a marketing strategy that is different, provocative and attractive at the same time, one that indubitably stands out. Basically, to incorporate that Swedish marketing style into the campaign.

Our first step: panic. You can rarely skip this one. We felt lost, not sure where to start from. Nonetheless, we had to act swiftly, so we moved to step two: scouting the competition, to see how they’re doing it. Once you establish what the general, mainstream style is, you can use it to your advantage and try to go in a completely different direction, always bearing in mind what your client does. We noticed that virtually all corporate travel agencies stick to a traditionally sleek image, something we needed to avoid. Bearing this in mind, it was time for step three: brainstorming as a team. We gathered in a single office and started thinking – how do we want to stand out? High quality visuals? Thought-provoking copywriting? After days of adding, deleting and trying out different concepts (even abstract art), one morning, around 2 am, it dawned on us. We needed to make the visuals and the copy work together and to use them as two contrasting opposites. While the copy stated Do It Better/Travel like a boss (very affirmative) – the photos needed to depict the exact opposite and show someone going through a difficult moment, preferably travel (negative). Still, there was something missing – that final touch, a fresh, relatable message that would trigger the viewers, make them curious and assure them that DIB travel was the right choice without using many words.

The answer to this puzzle was right under our noses! One of the first sentences you see on DIB travel’s official website is “Business travel made easy” – easy like…easy like Sunday morning! Just like the song says. Eureka! We managed to find a way to trigger positive, serene emotions and maybe even get someone to hum the tune as they look up what DIB travel has to offer.