Meet our account manager

There is no greater joy for me than seeing a spotless campaign well-done. Oh, and a “damn fine” cup of coffee. Meet Nevena, our amazing Account Manager here at NUL Apps. In order for you to get to know her better, we conducted a quick interview:

When did you know you wanted to become an Account Manager?

I grew up in a family of graphic designers – and realized I wanted to pursue a slightly different path that still included tons of creativity. By the end of high school, I knew I was drawn to production and generally the idea of organising a project that would run seamlessly. The notion of creating an idea, outlining it, planning it, barely sleeping because of it, and finally seeing it come to life – that’s what has me hooked to this day. I basically raise every single project I take on.

What is an Account Manager?

People almost always mix me up with an accountant! But I can’t blame them, the word really is similar and the title is somewhat mysterious on its own. Overall, my current role includes planning, developing, and managing the overall digital marketing strategy for our main clients – particularly managing and leading the NUL Apps digital marketing team of four members (task and sprint delegation, sprint reviews, team planning etc.). Finally, I am in charge of presenting social media strategies to clients, as well as providing professional training.

What does your work routine look like?

I start my mornings by going through my emails, get­ting back to clients and creating an overall to-do list, but not only for myself, but for our digital marketing team as well. Once I’m sure that there is noth­ing urgent that needs my atten­tion, I check in with the rest of the team and monitor their progress. Often these con­ver­sa­tions rely on brainstorm­ing as we work out dif­fer­ent ways of approaching a project or challenge. This also includes how to to increase traf­fic or leads, site per­for­mance, engagement, mar­ket­ing activ­i­ties and pro­mo­tions.

I’m also in charge of all of the paperwork, making sure each invoice from our company is received, all the information correctly written etc. All the while, I’m answer­ing calls from clients, respond­ing to emails and keeping track with different parts of work inter­nal­ly – design, devel­op­ment, copy writing etc. in order to make sure that every­thing is tick­ing over smooth­ly and that we’re on track. The after­noon is often filled with calls or meet­ings with clients. As my working hours draw to an end, I quickly review my emails one more time to make sure that every­one is prob­lem free before turning off my lap­top, knowing that another successful day has passed.

Any piece of advice for an aspiring Account Manager?

I can’t really decide between two main skills – communication and spotless organisation. Of course, both are constantly developed as you gain more experience. There’s no need to set impossible goals for yourself and expect that you’ll be at the top of your game right away. Nonetheless, as an Account Manager, you’re one of the main channels between the client and your team, so it is crucial to, on the one hand, communicate with each client clearly in order to fully understand their needs and to be able to segment their requests into smaller bits that you’ll be able to organise for your team. This will make it easier for everyone and boost overall productivity – which should be one of your main goals!