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  • Stats

    You will have your store stats and orders in your pocket with Woocommerce mobile app, so you can track all your orders.

  • Analytics

    We will implement latest Google Analytics e-commerce tracking so you can track store visits and understand how user behave on your webshop.

  • Multilanguage

    We will implement multilanguage if necessary followed by multi-cuccerncy option.

  • Shipping

    Yes, shipping is one of the key elements of e-commerce success. Thus, shipping experience should be clear and understandable.

  • Loyalty programs

    There is no better way to grow than to use existing database of customers so we will help you to stay connected with them and reward them if they bring you new customers, we just believe in simple word of mouth.

  • Payment methods

    We can implement all different payment methods such as: Twint, Klarna, Apple Pay, Stripe, Local Bank solutions

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