The challenge

Do It Better.

Client: DIB Travel

Location: Sweden
Year: 2019

Type: B2B Growth Strategy, Campaigns, Landingpage,

DIB Travel is an award-winning travel management company for businesses and business travellers that is entering the hotel booking business by offering a unique booking feature. It`s an end-to-end corporate platform, where users have the ability to book travel, modify reservations, chat with travel support agents and receive real-time travel notifications.


Investors: DIB travel has attracted well-known investors such as Karl-Johan Persson (owner of H&M) and the Wallenberg family.


The solution 

Visit Dib Travel at 

  • Digital development
  • B2B growth strategy
  • Brandidentity

Using search ads we have established and maintained our web presence in terms of business and company travel. With highly optimized remaking HTML5 display ads, we successfully found our website visitors all over the web and brought them back to our website, because sometimes you just need a little nudge.


Because our client is business-oriented, we knew that our primary audience is on LinkedIn, and that’s what we focused on. We’ve created articles, posts, and interactive campaigns, all carefully targeted to get us the leads, and that’s exactly what happened.


Monthly increased leads growth.

The key to a successful business growth strategy is to be really focused on your product and your customers. Using the mix of different approaches, we came to generate several hundred valuable leads for DIB Travel.