The challenge

Innovative Indoor Soccer

Client: Casa Futbol

Location: Switzerland, Zürich

Year: 2020

Type: digital development, Online Booking platform

CASA FUTBOL is an indoor football hall in Bachenbülach in Zurich that can be rented 365 days a year.


The indoor football hall offers a completely new kind of football experience. Games, fun and spectacles are guaranteed under one roof.

The solution

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  • Digital development
  • Web design
  • Online Booking platform

Sport has always been very important to us as a company. Here at Punch we just love it! Imagine how thrilled we were to get the opportunity to work on the project side by side with some of the great names of today’s soccer. Casa Futbol is an online booking for the most innovative indoor soccer in Europe!


We spent hours listening their ideas and visions about something they invested theirselves in so much. It was important to us to display properly the passion for this sport and that is how the website for Casa Futbol was created. It was a large-scale project that included not only web design but also installing a booking and payment feature. In that way, clients are able to browse, book and pay all on the same website. 


Increased traffic and brand awareness.

The conversion rate dramatically increased from the new brand experience and customized landing pages.