Smekerski - NUL Apps - Concept store and e-commerce
Šmekerski is online concept store from Zurich that represents young designer brands form ex Yugoslavia. NUL Apps developed online shop from concept to the first sale. With support for social media content Smekerski is growing among locals as unique brand that promotes new culture and old values.
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Branding, Digital Marketing, Google Analytics, Social media and content

About the client

ŠMEKERSKI is a new concept store based in Zurich. ŠMEKERSKI re-sells young creative designer brands from Ex Yugoslavia. Here you can find extreemly popular local bradnds from Serbia such as:  DechkoTzar, Kabinet brewery, Chichateau wine but also brands from Swiss like Lejon watch and others.


Also, Smekerski is created for something bigger than a loved online brand. It grows into a movement that promotes the right values and a different way of life.


Visit ŠMEKERSKI store at:


What we did

  • Woocommerce shop development
  • Brand campaigns
  • Social media content
  • Email automation
  • Automated social media campaigns
  • Fan base building


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